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Typographic Paintings by Annica Lydenberg


The formula to success.


I think what I was trying to say about the generation younger than me is: I feel like there’s a distinct gap between a person wanting to be a professional at something and being patient enough to put in the time and effort necessary to reach that goal.

They say that it takes 10,000 hours (or…

I have a job as an art director at a marketing agency, and I know that I’m already ahead of my game as far as age to position ratio. I think that my lovely millennial generation (which I think is the one you’re talking about, but I haven’t listened to the podcast) is indeed, an entitled one. I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but I can at least say that I am not one of those people. 

I run a baking blog in my “spare” time, but as a full time designer, it’s a tough thing to do when you come home from a long day. I’m lucky enough that my hours aren’t crazy all the time, but that’s not to say my job isn’t draining. I stress bake, which ends up benefiting my blog, but only sometimes. 

As my blog has progressed I’ve found that I’m much pickier about what I post. If it really is a nice photo, is my lighting good, is the content good - do I want to write a story with this, have I spent enough time editing these photos. Did I even TAKE photos of that recipe? Have I made it before? Chocolate chip cookies own my life. I can’t keep posting about them. It’s tough. I want to progress, but I know that I can’t do that without more time to dedicate to it.

Meanwhile at work, I’m learning more and more every day and I’m making great strides in this career path. I actually just won an (internal) award for my dedication and efforts. That’s pretty awesome. I love my job, the people I work with, and being a part of a bigger team. If I quit to start working harder on my blog, I lose that environment. But I gain the support of everyone from that environment.

I think my favorite compliment from coworkers on my baking is “I’m going to get you fired so you can start your own bakery.”

My problem isn’t how much time I want to dedicate to what I love - it’s splitting it up to succeed in both, or deciding if I want to focus more on one or the other. 

I know I’m not going to progress over night, I’m not looking for a promotion or to be famous. I’m looking for acknowledgement, appreciation and support. And I’m looking for more and more doors to open.




so my mom brought home one of the new 100 dollar bills 


I’m looking at it like “yeah this looks kinda cool”

but then you flip it over and


it looks like it has fucking wordart on it

the government shuts down for one week and this is what happens

That makes me cringe

who approved this. 

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