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I just bought this for my wedding, what whaaat :) 

Too bad my hair isn’t red, but I’m gonna look so fly anyway.


Surprise! I’m opening a Vintage Shop!!!! 

I’ve always been so good at finding really great vintage stuff, so why not curate my own shop? There is no way I could keep all the stuff anyways, I already collect so much!

Other reason being, I really wasn’t kidding when I said DIY or DIE! is my mantra. It’s tough making ends meet when you have a degree in an industry where all they want to hire are un-paid interns. So I say, can’t find a job? Make your own!!

The Candy Striped Vintage Etsy shop will officially launch tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can drool over some of my favorite items that will be up for grabs!

Stay tuned!



Midge is my favorite.
This is really cool. 


Honeycomb Necklace

Sold on Etsy.



Video Game Pinback Buttons - by Vickinator

These pins and many more are available on Etsy for $1.50 USD


Red Rose Necklace Terrarium.

A realistic miniature rose is showcased inside an elegant glass vial. Sold on Etsy.

I know someone who might like thissss. Besides me.


Furr Zine in neon covers, available on my etsy!

Midge is the best, go buy this.


My etsy shop is now up and running! Stickers for everyone (:


I want everything on this seller’s page.

(via onceupon-longago)


A silver paint tube necklace.

From the creator: “The inspiration behind this neckpiece comes from the creative people around me. It’s a small tribute to all of those who make our lives better and more interesting just because they do what they do. Their talent knows no borders and touches us all regardless of our races and cultures, even when, or especially when, their work goes against the grain.” Found on Etsy.

Please and thank you.


My etsy shop is now up and running! Stickers for everyone (: