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Honeycomb Necklace

Sold on Etsy.



Red Rose Necklace Terrarium.

A realistic miniature rose is showcased inside an elegant glass vial. Sold on Etsy.

I know someone who might like thissss. Besides me.


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The Golden Snitch watch-necklaces are now for sale! I don’t know how long they’ll last, so you better buy quickly! Order now and use coupon code ‘SNITCH’ to get one for under twenty dollars!

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Winner gets a Golden Snitch watch-necklace! Winner will be picked on August 10th by random drawing of all who entered. You might also enjoy our Harry Potter merchandise compilation post!



A silver paint tube necklace.

From the creator: “The inspiration behind this neckpiece comes from the creative people around me. It’s a small tribute to all of those who make our lives better and more interesting just because they do what they do. Their talent knows no borders and touches us all regardless of our races and cultures, even when, or especially when, their work goes against the grain.” Found on Etsy.

Please and thank you.


Geek Chic Bow Tie Necklace on my Etsy!