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It’s been a year since the publication of Green’s acclaimed The Fault in Our Stars. To mark the anniversary, Green and his brother will be performing at Carnegie Hall—and everyone is invited, via live streaming video! Find an event near your hometown and you won’t have to miss a second of it. Be sure to check your local event, as some are first come first serve (no tickets), and some require reservations.

You can also host your very own meetup, and watch the Vlogbrothers livestream with Nerdfighters near you!  Register at tumblr.com/meetups/organize and include the phrase ‘John Green Meetup’ in the venue field to receive a special Tumblr Meetup kit, while supplies last. 15 lucky people who sign up for a meetup kit will come with extra goodies, including a signed copy of the exclusive poster above!

Updated post! We’ve added events from all across the country (even one event in Vietnam!) for the anniversary of The Fault in Our Stars! Check below for a live streaming or trivia (or both!) event near you. We will be adding to this list as we receive more details about new events, so check back!

That poster is bomb. Just saying.

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Everything else is fair game!


Everything else is fair game!


BBDO 80th Anniversary


Legend of Zelda Rupees Print

Created by Barrett Biggers

Limited edition signed giclee prints available for $25 USD at Etsy.


Minimal art 


M&M: Red by Clemenger BBDO


Legend of Zelda - The Hylian Shield Foundry - by Barrett Biggers

Available on Society6


Nick Bujnak (Canada)

I love posters with texture like this.


Music Posters by Viktor Hertz