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It’s been soooo chilly out lately. On my walk downtown today, I felt like the wind was blowing all of the moisture out of my face and freezing every blood vessel so I’ve been buttering my face with as much moisturizer as I can — it’s getting to be a super expensive habit. I can’t believe I’m complaining the weather considering that I grew up in the oh-so-very nordic midwest but we’ve had a warm spell in New York for such a long time that the cold weather feels novel. So there.

I’ve been making a lot of [spiked] hot cocoa lately to warm up and I’ve been adding homemade marshmallows to it; it makes the drink a million times better. There’s something about homemade marshmallows because it’s so much spongier and tastier than store-bought ones.

Marshmallows are surprisingly easy to make. All you need is a candy thermometer and if you don’t have that, you just need to be fairly observant when you’re boiling the sugar mixture during the marshmallow making process. So try it! I promise it’ll be fun! And when you’ve mastered marshmallow making, you can try coloring it or adding different flavor extracts to it.

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Ohhh I love this blog.
I think I’ll break out some cute cookie cutters and make some marshmallows this weekend. 


three layer chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting

It would probably be in my best interest to make this.


candy corn pudding


matcha custard eclairs


peanut butter pie milkshake

If anyone clicks this post, it stems from a very sad happenstance, but I’m sure this recipe is amazing. Best wishes to the woman this is made for.
Christian, I’m posting this so you can remind me to make it next time you come over.


red velvet cake balls



Myrna’s Hungarian Pecan Cookies via foodnetwork.com

more work at joxu.cc

Well snap. Looks like I have some work to do.