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don’t look at me like that


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yesterday me and another girl were explaining that most americans don’t have kettles in their kitchens to a british woman who runs a tea shop and she said “well how do you make your tea, then?” and the other girl admitted that she mostly uses the microwave and the woman clutched her  hand over her heart and sat down in shock 



Is this actually true because that is honestly shocking

im from Australia and that is shocking to me.

I’m from America, and my father-in-law does the microwave thing and he’s from India. I frown upon this practice and prefer to use my kettle. Because that’s the right thing to do.


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Teapee Packaging for Amerindian Herbal Teas 

While I find the teabag design both practical and clever, the name’s a bit of a turnoff. Maybe it’s juvenile of me, but I can’t be the only one who did a double take at ‘tea’ ‘pee’….awkward silence… or maybe I am?

Also, while I appreciate that this is a student project, this is a design that has a limited client base as only a company with Native American roots or some serious experience/reputation in Native American traditional herbal remedies could use this design without causing offense. And yet, still an impressive piece of student design. 

Not only is the packaging an eye catcher but the name is just awesome. The clever wordplay from teepee to teapee is an instant seller.

Native American’s used to brew a cup of tea way before the firstFrenchandBritishsettlers reached the shores of North America.Canadianstudent Sophie Pépin went back to the roots of the native american nomadic lifestyle and created a tea packaging that not only is directly inspired by teepees but also celebrates the skills of their legendary medical knowledge.

Each flavor has its own native american pattern which travels all the way around the packaging, serving as an opening mechanism. Once opened these beautifully designed teepee packagings reveal tea bags which are formed in a similar teepee style shape.

I like the fact I can grab the teepee poles and lift the tea bag into the cup making it a greatNorth Americantea experience from start to finish. Another fact that I like is that Sophie is bringing back a civilization almost disappeared. via packaginguqam

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